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A rabbit queen, addicted to play and fancy, is attacked by a menacing shadow creature, only to discover that it is actually a part of herself.


Rabbit Queen of Yoshiko

"Life is delicious! I want to taste everything and indulge to the full.. no time to waste!"

Beyond the Shadow Clock: A Galactic Odyssey of Self-Discovery

In this enthralling tale, Ongi, the Adventurer, navigates through various F.A.C.E.T. levels, embodying different archetypal roles. She starts as the Pixie, injecting fun and laughter into her world. However, chaos ensues when a mysterious clock brings suffering and dualism. Ongi's choices lead to separation and frozen time, until she faces the consequences of her actions. As she evolves through different levels, from the Addict to the Idealist, Ongi confronts her limitations, becomes a catalyst for change, and ultimately explores the depths of her own being. Joined by allies, she embarks on a galactic adventure, learning the wisdom of the heart and ultimately merging with the universe

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