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About Us

N-1 Games is committed to crafting conscious games that fuse self-awareness tools, technologies, and entertainment to deliver transformative experiences. With a focus on elevating self-awareness and raising consciousness, we seamlessly blend education, entertainment, and technology to immerse players in impactful journeys of personal growth.

 Ignite Your Inner Awareness:
The Game Changer for Personal Growth

Our vision is to create a groundbreaking video game that goes beyond traditional self-improvement products and services. While other offerings focus on skill acquisition, physical fitness, or interpersonal relationships, our game dives deep into understanding the inner workings of the mind. We bridge the gap between individual thought processes and those of others, addressing both personal and societal influences on cognition. Through this innovative technology, players gain profound insights into their own thought processes, while experiencing personal growth and heightened consciousness. We are dedicated to not just entertaining, but empowering players to unlock their potential and explore the limitless realms of self-awareness.

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