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The Science

Behind the Scenes of N-1 the Awakening

N-1 Awakening, our patented epic game, immerses players in a transformative experience through the fusion of innovative personality typing, conscious evolution, problem-solving mechanics, healing frequencies, and cutting-edge bio-feedback technology. Embark on an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery, personal growth, and immersion like never before.



Furthering Awareness of Character and Essence

Unleash empathy and embrace diverse perspectives through the profound teachings of the Enneagram of Personality, which we call F.A.C.E., in our captivating game. Explore the depths of self-awareness, expanding your understanding and forging a path of conscious choices in this transformative experience.


Framework for Advancing Consciousness and Evolutionary Transcendence

In the epic journey of N-One, characters undergo profound transformations across seven levels, represented by the radiant jewels in their amulets. Starting as instinctual creatures in the AMETHYST level, they employ survival strategies, progressing towards the pinnacle of TURQUOISE, where they embody their authentic divine essence.



Life Evolving Guidance System

Introducing L.E.G.S. (Life Evolving Guidance System) - the remarkable problem-solving strategy that propels N-1 characters through the captivating levels of F.A.C.E.T. in our epic fantasy game. Acting as a powerful compass, L.E.G.S. empowers players to journey through real-world problems and issues, providing a comprehensive map for effective problem-solving.


Octave Harmonics Mirror

 A revolutionary Solfeggio Sound Technology that harmonizes primal vibrations, unlocking dormant potentials within N-1 characters. Immerse yourself in the symphonic masterpiece, as the power of sound becomes your guiding force, shaping the destiny of your journey in our epic game.



Oscillating Currents in Torus Activating Vibrational Energy

Unleash your inner potential with OCTAVE, the transformative biofeedback system in N-1 the Awakening, as oscillating currents within the Torus activate and align your vibrational energy, enhancing focus, balance, and overall well-being. Tap into your energetic potential, forging a profound connection between mind and body, and embark on a self-realization journey in the game, where heightened awareness and connection shape your gaming experience.

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