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A pious bird king is devastated by a mysterious drought and must seek out the help of corrupt and menacing centaurs from another world.


Bird King of Paragonia

"My sovereignty is assured rooting out injustice and keeping the letter of the law."

Serenity's Awakening: A King's Journey to Justice and Wisdom

In this epic tale, Orix, a powerful king, is driven by a strong will to find justice for an unjust drought that plagues his world. Fueled by frustration and irritation, he embarks on a transformative journey, learning the importance of acceptance and surrendering to "what is" instead of how things "should" be. Through facing challenges, practicing self-compassion, and letting go of desired outcomes, Orix undergoes a remarkable evolution, transforming from a ruler to a surrendered wisdom keeper. He discovers serenity and embraces his role as a compassionate teacher, sharing his newfound wisdom with those who seek it.

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